Saturday, 29 December 2018

The Result Post

Thanks so much for all the pics of your fabulous Christmas Trees, it filled our hearts with such joy to see that your Festive Spirit is so strong (and stable) despite the political shenanigans that have dominated the news in the run up to our favourite time of year.  We have  bucked the high street trend of doom and gloom and really enjoyed all the positivity from our wonderful clientele and community.

We carefully considered all the entries and we all were unanimous that this entry from Claudia was a clear winner of the £50 voucher.  We loved the sense of humour, the vintage baubles mixed with new, we even spotted our very own Amy Winehouse bauble too.

We awarded 2 other winners £25 vouchers each too.  The first was this stunning entry from Bobby.  We recognised many of the iridescent clear and frosty white baubles which have obviously been collected over many years......but what made it so special was the 'Love is Love' rainbow heart from this years collection which I think was a super stylish and genius contrast to the frosty white subtlety. 

Finally there is this entry from Arabella, we have awarded her tree a worthy winner of our 2nd £25 Voucher!  It's the sheer fun of the whole scene, including the intriguing exit right of a 'real' reindeer????  

We'd love to see his face Arabella!

Thanks again to everyone who sent us pictures, we have really enjoyed seeing our decorations and treasured decorations used to such creative effect.

Have a very Happy Festive Holiday.

Ian & Kathryn

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christmas Tree Competition - £50 up for grabs!

25th Anniversary Christmas Tree Competition

Have you decorated your Christmas Tree?  Now that the season is well and truly festively underway we have launched our annual competition.

We love seeing all the creativity and festive fun inspired by our Christmas Decorations each year.  There are two £25 vouchers up for grabs and a £50 voucher, star prize as well.

We have really enjoyed the innovative community art projects this year (have you seen the Whitehall Park Living Advent Calendar) and we know that not everyone has space for a large tree.  With that in mind this year we are awarding extra points for imagination and creativity.  So as well as Christmas Trees - do send us pics of your alternative Christmas creations, themes and displays.

You can fill in our contact form and attach pics here.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Secret Santa - Cheap & Cheery Gift Ideas for the Office Secret Santa

Secret Santa gifts should be quirky, fun and shouldn't cost too much.  Here's is our 'go to' collection of ideas (many under £10) which are full of festive spirit.
1.  Mr Rugged Hair & Body Wash £7.75
2.  Mr Perfect Soap £6.95
3.  Mr Manly Soap £6.95
4.  Veggie & Vegan London £9.99
5.  Vladimir Putin:  Life Coach £9.99
6.  Jeremy Corbyn Annual £9.99
7.  The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump £9.99
8.  Mr Pefect Hair & Body Wash £7.95
9.  Amber Bath Essence £16.95
10.Amber Hand Cream £11.95
11.Total Eclipse of the Fart Lav Mist £10.95
12.Get a Load of these Whiskers Socks £10.50
13.I'm Not Bossy Oven Glove £12.95
14.Zen - Pencils £6.95
15. Awesome Stickers £6.95

Saturday, 1 December 2018

We're in ......Shop Small with Amex

We're in - check out who else is in N19.

To give a little something back, Amex encourages their Cardmembers to Shop Small with local businesses each year.  When they spend £10 or more at a participating small business from 1 - 16 December 2018, they will receive a £5 credit back.

Putting Small Businesses in the spotlight.  Shop Small is dedicated to supporting small businesses who do big things for their local communities.

Stasi Salons Archway 75-77 Junction Road, Archway, N19 

Battenburg Badger, 706 Holloway Rd, London N19 3NL

Bread & Bean, 37 Junction Rd, London N19 5QU

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Pink is the new Black! - Double Loyalty Points this Friday

Pink is the new Black!  
You won't find any Black Friday Deals at Map Gift Shop BUT we are giving away double points on your Loyalty Accounts all day Friday 23rd for each pound you spend you will receive 8 points on your account (the equivalent of 8% cashback). 
You'll also be greeted with smiles and free gift-wrapping as usual (don't worry about bringing your card....just mention your name and we will find you).
New this Christmas; A brand new collection of Celebration Crackers to make your Christmas Day a cracking event!
Brand new collection of Toiletries and Candles from the Luxury Brand Ortigia, London Underground LightBox - with the option to personalise the stations, our bigger than ever London range of decorations, quirky fun socks which make great Secret Santa Gifts, and a brand new Archway and Beyond range of products with detailed Ordnance Survey maps.

Click on the images below to go to the website page.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Ian and Kathryn

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