Thursday, 21 December 2017

Last minute ideas for Dashing Gents

1.  Dashing Gent Reed Diffuser £31.95
2.  Smart Phone Fan £8.95
3.  Dashing Gent Scented Candle £31.95
4.  Felt Bedside Caddy £21.95
5.  Pizza's here Oven Mitt £12.95
6.  Bar Illuminated Sign £69.95
7.  Mr Perfect Socks £10.50
8.  Circus Old Fashioned Tumbler £10.50
9.  Acrobat Hi Ball £10.50

Monday, 18 December 2017

All I want for Christmas

Something special for the ladies.

1.  All I Want Gift Set by Korres £39.95
2.  Voluspa Ceramic Candle Mandarino & Cannela £39.50
3.  Voluspa 12oz Candle Madarino & Cannela £42.95
4.  Voluspa Mini Tin Madarino & Cannela £12.95
5.  Streets of London Scarf £29.95
6.  Dansk Grey Tones Scarf £42.00

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Close your eyes and count to 10

Ten Magical Gift ideas to make Christmas dreams come true.

1.  I love Unicorns Mini Bag £36.50
2.  Rainbow and Star Enamel Stud Earring £12.00
3.  Fantasy Unicorn Mug and star stirrer £16.95
4.  Unicorn Magical Scented Pencils £9.50
5.  Unicorn Liquid Pencil Case £7.95
6.  Colour changing Light £43.50
7.  Believe in Unicorns Mug £9.95
8.  Unicorn Trinket Dish £9.95
9.  Enamel Heart Stud Earrings £12.00
10.This Jar Contains Magic Ceramic Storage Jar £16.95

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

It's Political

Polls, power struggles,  sexual misconduct, Brexit shenanigans  - it's been a hellava year in politics!

1. Little Feminist Jigsaw Puzzle £13.95
2. Donald Trump Hates You - Greeting Card £2.50
3. Five Escape Brexit Island £7.99
4. Jeremy Corbyn Annual 2018 £9.99

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Tree Competition 2017

With the first Sunday of advent behind's now well and truly time to deck the halls.   More importantly it's time for us to launch our Christmas Tree Competition 2017. There's a £50 voucher up for grabs!

Let's take a look at our winners from 2016.

As you can see we were feeling traditional (and generous...we gave 1 first prize of £50 and 2 runners up £25 each) last year and we were more than a little swayed by the sheer volume of baubles and decorations bought from us over many years.  

This year we are awarding extra points for innovation and creativity....We know not everyone has space for a large tree - so send us pics of your alternative Christmas Creations too.
We can't wait to see what you all get up this year, please send in your pictures & we will announce the winner/s on Saturday 23rd December 

Just fill in your entrey form here:
Twitter: @mapgiftshop


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Warning: This Post Contains Language That May Offend

Bad language yes!  But also very, very funny.  We think this edit of fun products would make great Secret Santa Gifts.

1.  Nice Mug £9.95
2.  For Fox Sake Mug £9.95
3.  This is f**king delicious Oven Glove £12.95
4.  F**king Brilliant Pencils £9.99
5.  F**king Brilliant Journal £7.99
6.  Busy making a F**king Difference Socks £10.50
7.  "Have you tried shoving it up your Arse" Mug £6.95
8. Plucker Mug £9.95

For our full listing of Secret Santa Gifts click here.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


We're in! #ShopSmallUK is back! Shop Small is dedicated to supporting small businesses who do big things for their local communities.

Whether you’re looking for a Cosy CafĂ©, a Sunday Roast, a new Hairdo or the Perfect Present, Amex Cardmembers can enjoy a £5 statement credit each time they spend £10 or more at participating small businesses in Archway.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Joining up the dots - New Jewellery From Dansk Smykkekunst

1.  Dot to Dot Necklace £28.00 Silver 
2.  Spinning Ball Necklace £28.00 Silver
3.  Spinning Ball Necklace £28.00 Gold
4.  Dot to Dot Necklace £28.00 Gold
5.  Dot Earring £18.00 Silver
6.  Asymmetric Gold Plated 'Circles' Earrings £28.00 Gold
7.  Dot Earring £18.00 Hematite 
8.  Dot Earring £18.00 Gold
9.  Asymmetric Silver Plated 'Circle & Disc' "28.00 Silver
10. 'O' Stud Earring £18.00 Silver
11. 'Circles' Bracelet £28.00 Gold
12. 'Circles' Bracelet £28.00 Silver

We love this new collection from Dansk Smykkekunst here at Map Gift Shop.  It's a development of the SS17 collection with its focus on circles, spheres and discs.  This winter collection has a subtle and understated simplicity with clever contrasts of the circular theme, presented in brushed gold, silver and hematite plated copper.  Each piece has a tactile quality and an affordable price tag.  Easy to wear, stylish and sophisticated Contemporary Fashion Jewellery at it's finest.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Archway My Way - A guided walk with Jen Pedlar

Jen Pedlar 'Queen of Archway' and dear friend of map gift shop is back leading a series of guided walks titled 'Archway my Way'  and the next walk is on Saturday 25th November at 1pm tickets available here.

"I’ve lived in Archway for over thirty years. Let me show you my manor!" 
Archway's regeneration is nearly complete; its brutalist tower has been clad and turned into flats, the controversial gyratory system has finally gone and the amazing new space (and as yet un-named) space has been created.

left.  archway tower in full brutalist glory, centre.  archway tower shrouded during cladding, right. archway tower of today.

On this walk you will, see the place where Dick Whittington famously turned again.  Learn why a bridge was built where there should have been a tunnel.  Hear why priests disguised themselves to buy a pub.  Stand on a point that's at the same level as the top of the dome of St Paul's & get fabulous panoramic views from some of the highest points in London.

Left.  map gift shop in 1904 and 2014 right top Whittington's cat right centre. views from Archway Bridge, right bottom Archway Bridge (also known as suicide bridge)

And what's more..... if you fancy a bit of retail therapy, this is possibly the only guided walk that exits through the gift shop

This circular walk starts at Archway tube station (meet in the ticket hall) and lasts about two hours - you can book tickets through Eventbrite!  We'll post more information about future dates soon!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Christmas Decoration Collection 2017

We are enormously proud of our Collection of Decorations this year.  We have worked really hard to surpass ourselves and bring you the most special decorations internationally available.

We have six sensational seasonal themes.  Tropical, Regal London, Woodland, Fantasy, Culture Clash and Classic see the full list of decorations here.

Tropical - Pimp up your Alpine with Parrots, Cactus and Flamingo!

Regal LondonDecorations worthy of a King or Queen.  Impressive and bejewelled Embroidered London Landmarks and Emblems alongside our traditional Glass London Decorations.

Woodland - Fun, Felted and Bristle Creatures,  sporting stylish outfits and accessories.

Fantasy - Enter the magical and dreamy world of Mermaids, Mermen, Unicorns & Rainbows......

Culture Clash - Embracing celebration of all cultures.

Classic - Christmas for traditionalists.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Frida Kahlo & Dia de Meurtos

Kahlo, one of the most innovative and influential painters of the 20th century, widely considered a style icon thanks to her eclectic taste and love for colour- she is the inspiration behind our Autumn 2017 ' Dia de Meurtos' collection.   With everything from artisan niches and furniture, secular candles, hand-made cushions to pin badges.  We have curated a collection of products which reflect her eclectic style.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Kitsch, witty and often surreal - Alijoe Designs

Any Archway diehards may remember the days of our old shop/design studio (down Junction Road, currently La Belle Vie) and Map's first manufacturing manifestation. We hand-made decorated china and glass for prestigious stores around the world.  It was a business we progressed into what is now our renowned retail space, but it's a business we feel fondly nostalgic about!

I stumbled upon Alijoe Designs in the wonderful world of Instagram.  I felt like I had fallen back through time, down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole!  Here is a lady whose influences are very obviously close to our own, her designs are quirky, witty and even surreal.  She has just launched a range called 'Desserts are on me'.  
In addition she creates vintage pieces, she resurrects old and dusty china plates by transforming them with quirky makeovers. Often surreal, sometimes kitsch and always witty, the original, whimsical designs give a sought after contemporary twist to the classic, decorative plate often working in pairs - see below 'wine on tap' and 'spider to catch a fly' these items are guaranteed to be a talking point and to raise a smile when displayed on a wall.
We're really thrilled to be one of Alijoe's first stockists.  We love supporting local Artists plus her designs are the centre piece of our new season 'Fornescetti inspired' collection including this brand new range from Chase and Wonder.
A touching post script to this story - we obviously waxed lyrical to Debbie about the old days and we described some of our signature designs that had made our name.....(way back in about 1995).  A few weeks later she emailed me - "I was clearing out a cupboard a few weeks ago and coincidentally came across these two plates - I knew they were familiar when you talked about them, so clearly we were destined to meet!"
Stylish and surreal -I think these plates still look good more than 22 years since they were made.

Friday, 28 July 2017

All Zenned Out

We all know Ian is a cool and chilled out guy but now he's gone all Zen on us!  That is the Zero Emissions Network, and we are Archway's latest member.

One of the downsides of living and working in a thriving area like Archway is that the air quality here is some of the worst in London (which, unsurprisingly, has some of the worst in the UK). Some of the causes are obvious, busy roads used by lorries, cars, buses and taxis, but some are surprising too - bet you didn't know that residential boilers are a major contributor to the problem. Before you dismiss this is merely a nuisance, extra dirt to clean away or unpleasant smells, think about this: the Royal College of Physicians calculates that poor air quality causes 10,000 early deaths a year in London. Poor air exacerbates cardio vascular and cardio pulmonary diseases and it is especially bad for children. If all this wasn't depressing enough, the cost of poor air health impacts across the UK are calculated at £15 - £20 billion. (£20 billion is over 15% of the current NHS budget.)

So what can we do? We have signed up to  Archway Zen.  We only employ local people who can walk to work or use public transport.  No one from Map Gift Shop drives to the area bringing in pollution.  We have carried out an energy efficiency audit of the shop, and implemented all the energy saving measures.  Finally we have installed some pollution eating plants and cycle locking planters.   Which not only are fragrant and look great but have a practical and we think aesthetic value too!

Helping to make Archway a healthier place to live and work. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Teachers Pet - Chalk up your child as a Star Pupil with our great selection of gifts for Teachers.

Get personal with an Initial Pendant £20. Hand-out Beard Oil and Shampoo (£20.95) to the hirsute, present face masks (£3.50) and nail varnishes (£7.95) for those Teachers who love to be pampered.  Pencils  (£4.95) & Ovengloves (£11.95) with attitude for Teachers with a good sense of humour and plenty of other ideas from our HUGE range of candles, Jewellery, Stationery and Mugs.  

We'll find something just right!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Flash Sale - Half Price Carnival Lights

Flash Sale

We are having a final clear out of the remaining stock of Carnival Letters - there are only a few letters left.  Come and grab yourselves a bargain, originally £49 - these fabulous decorative lights are now just £25.  You can order online, click and collect/reply to this email - or pop into the shop.  Please note we have only 1 of each letter so please be quick.
Carnival Light C - Rust Finish

Carnival Light I - Rust Finish

Carnival Light V - Silver Finish

Carnival Light C - Silver Finish

Carnival Light O - Rust Finish

Carnival Light W - Silver Finish

Carnival Light D - Silver Finish

Carnival Light P - Silver Finish

Carnival Light Peace Sign- Rust Finish

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Funny Guy? The Cool Dude? The Travelling Man?

Which one is your Dad? Father's Day is next Sunday 18th June. 

We have a brand new range of socks from the hilarious Brand Blue Q guaranteed to suit all the men in your life from Mr Perfect to Video Gamer, there is a pair with your dad's name on. Take a look.

This great range of Toiletries from The Handmade Soap Co, made with 99% natural ingredients in Ireland has been designed especially for men.  With a great fragrance combination - Lime Basil and Sweet Orange, it will leave you smelling like a Real Man in a good way!

And for the Travellin' Man - 'Departure Lounge' will be right up his runway - a cool range of stylish accessories, gadgets and toiletries with retro packaging and great prices.

As always we have a great range of Father's Day cards in store and each purchase will be gift-wrapped, free of charge with our usual flare!