Sunday, 14 April 2013

Channel Flip

It's certainly a very exciting time at map. 

Channel Flip will start filming the first Internet only based film for You Tube at map gift shop towards the end of this month.

The entertainment channel has a huge following and map will feature in 2 important scenes. Although we are sworn to secrecy the film script has a lead character played by an already highly addictive You Tube star. 

map gift shop have suggested other locations for filming (They are looking for a cafe and an off licence too) in the area so this could be Archways first film featuring  many recognisable locations. 
 Ian...'It all very exciting, especially as filming will take place in the newly refurbished shop, the last time I remember film crews buzzing around the area they were filming the Mike Leigh film 'happy-go-lucky', some 5 years ago'

Watch out for release date and further details soon!

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