Thursday, 16 May 2013

Caitlin Davies - Camden Lock and the Market

Remember Camden lock back in the day..... 

One of our many talented customers, Caitlin Davis is about to publish a book all about the Market. Focusing on its formation in the 70's right through to present day. The emphasis is really on the 80's though when the market was a hotbed of creative talent and saw many of current big names in fashion and media start their career. With some amazing facts, great photos including the one below - who is this mystery man?  the book is a great read and a visual treat.

Camden Lock and the Market available now available in store. Reviewed today in the Kentishtowner .

Caitlin's previous book - Taking the Waters - A swim around Hampstead Heath (currently on sale in store and online) is a really beautiful book and we were interested to hear stories from our customers sharing their own memories of the ponds - and in one case a customer even recognising herself in on of the pictures.

Beautifully illustrated by an incredible archive of photos from the 1900s, right up to Ruth Corney’s exquisite photos of the modern day Heath, what’s striking is how many people are smiling, in snow or sunshine. This is a happy book. Even if you hate swimming and have never even been to London, I’d defy anyone not to find some pleasure in the pages. review by Kentishtowner 30th May 2012

Taking the Waters by Caitlin Davies £12.99

Lido i Pad case £25.95

Look out for the feature window display in celebration of Caitlin's books in the first week of June.

We will be showcasing newly sourced related products by Karen Mabon
I love this necklace - we chose it for it's resemblance to the diving lady sign at Hornsey Road Baths and Laundry.

Screen printed silk scarf - a beautiful and exclusive gift.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Channel Flip - Ashen and the Quest for the Game Child

ChannelFlip is a London-based online video company, which both produces content in-house and works with existing YouTube talent on a sponsorships and pre-roll basis. 

ChannelFlip is known to work with predominantly UK-based comedic TV talent, having produced shows with David Mitchell, Richard Hammond, Dawn Porter, Harry Hill, and Armstrong and Miller.  The company also sells pre-roll advertising on the YouTube channels within its network, and works with these channel owners to produce content for brands. Of particular success have been Harry Partridge’s video for the launch of Skyrim and The Proxy, a series sponsored by Dell and featuring YouTube star Ashens.

Currently the “fourth most subscribed comedian on Youtube UK” amidst a burgeoning career on the BBC.

"I’ve wanted to make a feature film for a long time and I had an idea bubbling away in my head for several years.  It's a comedy adventure with a hint of road movie.  It's called The Quest For The Game Child and features my insane fictional search for a piece of electronic tat.  I'm accompanied by fan favourite Chef Excellence (a human version, not the bloody puppet), and together we try to overcome the odds - and all common sense - to lay our hands on the fabled Game Child, an old handheld video game.  But a shadowy figure, aided by my irritating nemesis, wants the game for their own dastardly ends...
The film will be live action with some animated sequences.  It's going to be funny, exciting and unique."

"There's a cinematic, talented and experienced crew of professionals willing to use their expertise to make this film a reality and work for far less money than they should be getting paid.  They'll use proper high-end equipment - The Quest For The Game Child will look like a cinema release, not something filmed on a webcam by someone looking the wrong way.
The cast will feature talented YouTubers and professional actors, not some blokes I met down the pub.  I want to make a great film and quality is key."

The crew (of about 30)  filmed 3 scenes in the yet to be opened map gift shop last friday in cramped and difficult conditions - we can't wait to see it!

See the movie here!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The little shop with big ideas just got BIGGER and BRIGHTER and.......beautifully accessible!


Those who follow this blog will know already that just over a year ago we were delighted that our application to upgrade our key corner position on Junction Road, within the St. John’s Grove conservation area was successful and a grant towards the cost of our scheme was awarded.  The funding secured by Anna Woodward and the Archway Town Centre Management Group will upgrade Archway's profile and give the high street a much needed boost.

Working with local architects Lyndon Goode we set about designing a new frontage, which through sensitive design would enhance the individuality and character of the building, as well as providing improved access.  The motivation for our application back in April 2012 was our acknowledgement that our access was just not easy enough!

Works to raise the pavement.

Long standing, valued disabled customers were left out in the cold - our corner door location with pavements sloping away to the pedestrian crossing on Junction Road and narrow front door just weren't friendly and as you know - we are!

Relocating the entrance from the existing location at the corner to the side elevation (on St John's Grove), and raising the pavement a couple of inches now provides a level access for our disabled customers and those with pushchairs and prams. 

I wheeled the first baby buggy through the new @mapgiftshop doors. What a smooth ride it was ;-) Love this place."

We have installed a wider door which clicks open at 90 degrees and made a huge space in front of the door allowing buggies - double, single even triple, wheelchairs and mobility chairs alike to do a full 360!

One of our first customers on Monday was a mobility chair user who tested the door and new layout said "I am delighted to be able to finally have a good look around - it's amazing". We are delighted too!

Back by popular request is our signature pink shop front.  

After much deliberation and consultation we decided that map gift shop would remain "in the pink!"

As one customer so kindly put it - 

"The lovely @mapgiftshop is looking fab after its refurb. Great to see that wonderful pink tint return to Junction Rd!"

The new layout eases flow around the whole shop creating an increased sense of space.  

A dedicated area for cards and stationary.

New bespoke display and storage.

New dark oak flooring throughout emphasises the length of the shop.

New "luggage" wallpaper on the rear wall completes the vintage feel.

..................and of course new stock arriving daily..............

...we have quite a few finishing touches still to add..... Work continues with the new window display area - more pictures coming soon.  Don't forget to follow us on twitter
@mapgiftshop and like us on facebook for an invitation to our big birthday launch party soon!