Friday, 3 May 2013

Channel Flip - Ashen and the Quest for the Game Child

ChannelFlip is a London-based online video company, which both produces content in-house and works with existing YouTube talent on a sponsorships and pre-roll basis. 

ChannelFlip is known to work with predominantly UK-based comedic TV talent, having produced shows with David Mitchell, Richard Hammond, Dawn Porter, Harry Hill, and Armstrong and Miller.  The company also sells pre-roll advertising on the YouTube channels within its network, and works with these channel owners to produce content for brands. Of particular success have been Harry Partridge’s video for the launch of Skyrim and The Proxy, a series sponsored by Dell and featuring YouTube star Ashens.

Currently the “fourth most subscribed comedian on Youtube UK” amidst a burgeoning career on the BBC.

"I’ve wanted to make a feature film for a long time and I had an idea bubbling away in my head for several years.  It's a comedy adventure with a hint of road movie.  It's called The Quest For The Game Child and features my insane fictional search for a piece of electronic tat.  I'm accompanied by fan favourite Chef Excellence (a human version, not the bloody puppet), and together we try to overcome the odds - and all common sense - to lay our hands on the fabled Game Child, an old handheld video game.  But a shadowy figure, aided by my irritating nemesis, wants the game for their own dastardly ends...
The film will be live action with some animated sequences.  It's going to be funny, exciting and unique."

"There's a cinematic, talented and experienced crew of professionals willing to use their expertise to make this film a reality and work for far less money than they should be getting paid.  They'll use proper high-end equipment - The Quest For The Game Child will look like a cinema release, not something filmed on a webcam by someone looking the wrong way.
The cast will feature talented YouTubers and professional actors, not some blokes I met down the pub.  I want to make a great film and quality is key."

The crew (of about 30)  filmed 3 scenes in the yet to be opened map gift shop last friday in cramped and difficult conditions - we can't wait to see it!

See the movie here!

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