Thursday, 16 March 2017

Little Folk Nursery Rhymes CD

Meet Cat Bateman, I was lucky enough to meet her a few years back - our children were all taking swimming lessons at our local pool known as the "Spa", a definite misnomer it was a sweaty, stressful zone full of tetchy, tiger Mums, tantrums and toddlers..... but up rocked Cat, with her crazy trolley, eccentric pigtails and bright smile.  She has an infectious aura of cheerfulness and as such I was so pleased to learn that she was the creative force behind 'little folk nursery rhymes' (a toddler music group) which she set up to earn a few pennies around bringing up her boys.  The job suits her well and it shows - "I never get tired of seeing little people wigging out to a jolly old nursery rhyme.  No one is telling them to do that - it happens naturally because the music makes them happy.  It is so adorable".
Five years on she holds lots of weekly groups in SE London check details here.  Plus she has just released her first nursery rhymes CD.  She worked with brilliant musicians and talented designers to make it the best sounding, best looking, best quality nursery rhymes CD. It has been a labour of love, but she has been getting lovely feedback from parents who say it keeps their little ones completely entertained.  Equally importantly however, is that adults like it too....anyone who has suffered the saccharin sounds of most kids' CDs will totally understand what I mean.

Cat is delighted that 10% of each sale will go directly to JDRF, the amazing charity that funds research to cure, treat and prevent Type 1 Diabetes, along with providing support to people who live with it. She is very passionate about raising awareness of Type 1 Diabetes, as her eldest son was diagnosed with this serious auto-immune life-long condition at the age of 5.

So, if you’re looking for something for your own bundles (& toddlers of joy) to enjoy, or a unique present we're delighted to announce - you can buy it here!    

Cool Gift ideas for Kids Birthday Presents

On a budget but looking for something a bit different?  Something that will definitely be appreciated?  Something that will be a stand out gift?  Here is this weeks selection of brilliant gifts for kids, all under £15 - there's many more in store and online.
1.  Create your own Superhero Comic Book  (age 7-12) £11.95
2.  Charlie the Sausage Dog Pull Along Toy (age 12 months+) £11.95
3.  Toby Bento Box  (age 2 onwards) £10.95
4.  Rosie Bento Box (age 2 onwards) £10.95
5.  Popsicle Cherry Bunny (newborn onwards) £11.95
6.  Little Folk Nursery Rhyme CD (newborn onwards) £14.95
7.  Vehicles Reusable Sticker Book (age 3-5) £6.95
8.  Adventure Reusable Sticker Book (age 3-5) £6.95

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Revive & Rejuvenate - Archway

An article from March's Angel Resident magazine.  David Lyndon of Lyndon Goode Architects discusses the rich tapestry of Archway, and the regeneration scheme we were part of in 2013.  

Satsuki May

Q&A with Satsuki May who makes intricate and delicate jewellery using semi-precious stones and crystals.

What made you become interested in jewellery?
I was born in Tokyo into a craft loving family,  I have always loved making things, using my hands, and being creative,   About three years ago, I started jewellery making and discovered it is wonderful medium of creativity for me, I really enjoy experimenting with different styles and wearing my designs.

What inspires you?
London is such an amazing eclectic city, ideas can come from anywhere, from what I hear, taste, touch and smell, too. The smell of Indian curry gives me a colour palette of red, saffron yellow and green, and the sounds of train passing outside my flat reminds me of oxidised hammer textured metal.  I love exploring London and looking for the little details in architecture both modern and historic, spending time in art galleries and museums and wandering London's many green spaces - especially the changing nature found on Hampstead Heath.
The materials you use and why?
I mostly use wires and metal sheet, the reason being they are very versatile, I add glass, semi-precious gemstones and crystals for colour and sparkles. 

What makes your jewellery unique?
I like tiny twists in my jewellery here and there that make each piece a little weird and wonderful.  My work is very delicate and detailed and often very labour intensive. I will continue to experiment and develop new techniques along my artistic journey.

We are showcasing Satsuki May's full range of jewellery in store during March and April.  With a small selection on line too.  

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Spring to Life

We love Spring!  Such a season of renewal and optimism. We're feeling very inspired by new colours, refreshing designs and hints of warmer times ahead.  Our new Spring/Summer 2017 collection is shaping up nicely, with new product launches almost daily this month.  We have a fresh new design range from PiP Studio aptly titled 'Spring to Life'. Our bird loving theme continues with a brand new range from Magpie, featuring beautiful illustrations from John James Audubon’s Birds of America.  New writing sets, bags, umbrellas and home accessories with Watercolour Birds and Blossom by Caroline Carter for Portico.  A full range of stationery including, journals & sketchbooks in a variety of designs and prices to suit all budgets.  Oh, and of course our land of the Giants Spring Flowers are back by popular demand.

1.  Small Tea Pot in the aptly titled 'Spring to Life' range from PiP Studio £29.95
2.  Watercolour Bird Umbrella by Caroline Carter £17.95
3.  Watercolour Nesting Tins (set of 2) by Caroline Carter £11.95
4.  Flamingo Trinket Tray £12.50
5.  Flamingo Square Cushion £33.95
6   Heron Trinket Tray £12.50
7.  Set of 2 Abstract Design Notebooks £9.95
8.  Giant Daffodil £16.95
9.  Giant Tulip £16.95