Sunday, 12 March 2017

Satsuki May

Q&A with Satsuki May who makes intricate and delicate jewellery using semi-precious stones and crystals.

What made you become interested in jewellery?
I was born in Tokyo into a craft loving family,  I have always loved making things, using my hands, and being creative,   About three years ago, I started jewellery making and discovered it is wonderful medium of creativity for me, I really enjoy experimenting with different styles and wearing my designs.

What inspires you?
London is such an amazing eclectic city, ideas can come from anywhere, from what I hear, taste, touch and smell, too. The smell of Indian curry gives me a colour palette of red, saffron yellow and green, and the sounds of train passing outside my flat reminds me of oxidised hammer textured metal.  I love exploring London and looking for the little details in architecture both modern and historic, spending time in art galleries and museums and wandering London's many green spaces - especially the changing nature found on Hampstead Heath.
The materials you use and why?
I mostly use wires and metal sheet, the reason being they are very versatile, I add glass, semi-precious gemstones and crystals for colour and sparkles. 

What makes your jewellery unique?
I like tiny twists in my jewellery here and there that make each piece a little weird and wonderful.  My work is very delicate and detailed and often very labour intensive. I will continue to experiment and develop new techniques along my artistic journey.

We are showcasing Satsuki May's full range of jewellery in store during March and April.  With a small selection on line too.  

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