Friday, 28 June 2013

Showing Off!

Have you walked past map gift shop recently?

If you have, you’ll know that we have a stunning new fa├žade and bright new interior.   Here is what our customers have been saying......

"The lovely @mapgiftshop is looking fab after its refurb. Great to see that wonderful pink tint return to Junction Rd!"

"The windows are more eye-catching than ever as they feature the name picked out in circus-style lights"

" I wheeled the first baby buggy through the new @mapgiftshop doors. What a smooth ride it was ;-) Love this place.

One of our first customers through our new wider door was a mobility chair user who tested the door and new layout said "I am delighted to be able to finally have a good look around - it's amazing".

Thanks to Caroline Mardon who made this photo shoot such fun, see her photos of other local shops here!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Islington Exhibits with Natasha Bhatia and Sybil Aadelaja

What a great event this is "An annual initiative to unlock venues across Islington and give artists and craft people a space to display their work.

Over 100 emerging and established artists are taking part this year, presenting solo and group shows in unusual spaces, public buildings and commercial venues."

Individual exhibitions will take place in various venues across Islington between 15-31 July 2013.

We are lucky to be hosting 2 artists and showcasing their very different work.  On Thursday 12th July Artist Sybil Aadelaja held the opening of her first solo show  "Hearing Voices" 

The Funkie People 
Funkie People- 
From that other sphere 
not so far not so near 
Just here before me 
I see them 
Heads of light 
Shadowing, illuminating 
Accompanying our lives 
they have lived our former lives 
They speak to me 
Not angels, but almost 
One minute by my side 
Then suddenly standing there! 
No wings, but the ability to move 
as fast as light 
Our precursors, 
Our former selves 
Funkie People.

It was a fun and successful evening thanks to everyone who came!

We are also delighted that Natasha Bhatia approached us to show her striking work - I particularly love the  "Urban Fabric" photographs, they have a tactile and layered quality both visually and poetically.

The photographs look stunning in our Window and we are delighted at the response - the feedback has been wonderful and the sales good - 

Map Gift Shop
93 Juntion Road, N19 5QX
Sat 13 - Wed 31 July 
10am - 6pm
Exhibition Opening:
12 July 6-8pm,

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Birthday Celebrations with Rowan Arts - Friday 14th June

Map Gift Shop special shopping event in support of Rowan Arts

Friday 14 June 2013 10am-8pm

Map Gift Shop: 93 Junction Road, Upper Holloway, N19 5QX (see map)

Join us for a glass of bubbly from 6-8pm

2 Local Institutions jointly celebrate milestone birthdays.

Map gift shop is enormously proud to be celebrating their 20th year in Archway this year and as part of our programme of anniversary events we are delighted to share our festivities with Rowan Artsthe inspirational Holloway based arts charity that has grown up and thrived alongside us and are too celebrating a milestone - now in their 10th year. It has been a pleasure to support and be part of some of their successes over the years.

Their mission statement

“Rowan Arts acts as a catalyst for social change through the arts. We develop locally generated
projects to facilitate exchanges and experiences that improve lives and deepen sense of place.”
A framework we feel closely describes our own ethics and our commitment to the community we serve. We are firmly planted in the community, supporting the local schools, businesses and
community-based events with the Archway Town Centre Management Group.

At the event map gift shop will donate 20% of all purchases directly to help Rowan Arts buy new IT Equipment to allow them to continue running their popular projects including Holloway Arts Festival and Islington Exhibits.

We hope you will come and reminisce – share some stories and support 2 local institutions for
decades to come!