Friday, 28 June 2013

Showing Off!

Have you walked past map gift shop recently?

If you have, you’ll know that we have a stunning new façade and bright new interior.   Here is what our customers have been saying......

"The lovely @mapgiftshop is looking fab after its refurb. Great to see that wonderful pink tint return to Junction Rd!"

"The windows are more eye-catching than ever as they feature the name picked out in circus-style lights"

" I wheeled the first baby buggy through the new @mapgiftshop doors. What a smooth ride it was ;-) Love this place.

One of our first customers through our new wider door was a mobility chair user who tested the door and new layout said "I am delighted to be able to finally have a good look around - it's amazing".

Thanks to Caroline Mardon who made this photo shoot such fun, see her photos of other local shops here!

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