Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide # 8 "Last Orders"

We will be open from 10 on Christmas Eve for all your last minute pressies and stocking fillers....just a few more ideas!
Predict a Pen £5.95
Dare you live by the pen? Sometimes you just need a little help when faced by too many of life’s tricky decisions. Meet your mates tonight? (without a doubt), do some chores? (dude, no way!) or sleep with the boss? (not for a million $!) Whatever the query Predict A Pen is here to advise! Watch the barrel spin and stop on a random but often wise answer. Always at hand to give an unbiased and emotionally detached second opinion. Great fun for Christmas Day

Mystic Pen £5.95

The perfect handbag-sized psychic to help you out in those indecisive moments! Meet the girls? (signs point to yes), do the dishes? (don’t go there!) or have an early night? (oh please!), if in doubt just ask the pen! Click the top of the pen to get reliable and emotionally detached assistance with the answers to some of life’s biggest questions (Especially useful on BIG nights out with the girls!).

Nail Art Sequin wheel £3.50

These little cases contain over 500 pieces of nail art bling in 11 shapes and 12 different colours, add a little bling to your nail art. Simply stick on to wet nail varnish and apply a clear top coat to hold the gems or sequins in place.

Or why not just let them chose themselves?  Gift vouchers available for £5, £10 and £20!

Merry Christmas

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