Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Art Space - looking for artists and designers in Archway Area

"Locally Sourced"

As part of our "Locally Sourced" Collection at map gift shop, we now have a wall space featuring the work of local designers and artists.  Right now we are featuring the work of Rachael Morris.  Beautiful  glass with silver foil placed over 19th Century bird and butterfly illustrations.

The special feature section of our website showcases the work of:

Emily Bedford Jewellery specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary jewellery. She prefers to make the pieces by hand(Made) in small numbers to maintain the sense of artistry within each piece rather than design for mass production. All her collections express Emily's imagination with much attention given to detailing through subtle use of colour. The emphasis is on conveying an organic quality, the aim being to create beautiful pieces that carry the signature of the maker.
Emily Bedford Jewellery has produced 6 collections to date, all of which use a variety of materials including metallic thread, resin, gold leaf, fine silver, gold and semi-precious stones. The current collection ’Souvenir’ features miniature prints which have been set under clear resin. Studs, earrings, brooches and necklaces are made in silver and then the print is set and covered with resin thus capturing the image. Semi-precious stones are then added to form necklaces or earrings. Some items are plated in 18ct gold (solid gold pieces can be commissioned).
Emily's Jewellery sits comfortably with current trends she has always been interested in one-off artefacts and curiosities and would like the wearer to feel they have discovered something special.

We are also delighted to stock  "Taking the Water"  by local writer Caitlin Davies.  "Beautifully illustrated by an incredible archive of photos from the 1900s, right up to Ruth Corney’s exquisite photos of the modern day Heath, what’s striking is how many people are smiling, in snow or sunshine. This is a happy book. Even if you hate swimming and have never even been to London, I’d defy anyone not to find some pleasure in the pages." Kentishtowner 30th May 2012

We feel strongly about promoting local design and craft talent. Giving the wealth of local talent the opportunity to sell locally and encourage talent within the community.  Buying locally and keeping money in our local economy.
We are constantly on the look out for new ideas both for the "art space" wall and our "Locally Sourced" collection.  If you are an artist or designer and would like us to consider your products or you have a product with local interest we'd love you to get in touch.  
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