Monday, 9 December 2013

Archway - Scented Candles with Historical Significance

We are really proud to be launching  this range of scented candles with 'historic significance'.... a light hearted (& tongue in cheek) celebration of Archway's highs and lows! 

Made in the Uk from essential oils, 100% plant wax, hand-made from a sustainable plant source. They are available in 20cl and 9cl votives and are extremely affordable Christmas Gifts at £6.95 and £12.00 and are instore and online now

Love it or loathe it - and we know where most people stand on this......Archway Tower is here to stay and we have chosen this iconic image for our Archway Branded Candles - part of our hugely successful "Positively Local" product range.

Choose from: 

Archway Tower - Standing at 59m high and built in 1963. Fragrance - Bamboo and Olive Blossom

Archway Tower was also  the inspiration for New Model Army and their track of the same name "Archway Towers" in 1989.  Justin Sullivan, describes it as "nightmarish closing track". At no 28 in the top 100 London Songs Timeout wrote: An alternative landmark for the dispossessed, Junction Road’s famous gravestone-shaped office block – former home to the Department of Social Security – inspired this cheery ditty by the Yorkshire grebos which seems to compare drawing the dole with collecting meds at an unsupervised institution for the criminally deranged. ‘It’s open season on the weak and feeble,’ they growl. ‘There’s bulletproof glass in case there’s trouble’.

Gone with the Wind - Archway, home of the high rise, has always been associated with wind turbulance issues. Fragrance - Limeleaf & Ginger (almost as invigorating as being knocked sideways, by the wall of wind at Archway!)

Secret Garden -  Fragrance - Orchid

A little known fact is that Archway Tower is built on the site of Victoria & Paradise Nurseries. Benjamin Samuel William was a noted Orchidologist. Scarabeus referred to this fact in their recent aerial theatre performance Paradise Lost?

Up the Junction - The Tottenham & Hampstead Railway opened on Junction Road in 1872. Fragrance - Lavender, geranium, orange & ylang ylang (safe in pregnancy)

D.H.S.S. - Fragrance - Blackcurrant & Liquorice.

Many remember the Archway Tower as the home of the Department of Health & Social Security 1974-1994 

In 1985 Jeremy Corbyn MP said "Archway tower is a huge building.  The best that one can say about it is that the view from the staff canteen on the top floor is probably the best in London".

Tollgate - Between 1813 & 1864 The Great North Road was one of the first original Toll Gates, situated in Archway. Travellers would have to pay for the next stage of their journey. Fragrance - Hawthorn & Rosehip 

Other Archway Branded exclusive products can be seen here

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