Friday, 21 March 2014

Featured Artist - Maxwell Dorsey

Those who know map gift shop will no doubt already know we pride ourselves on showcasing local talent.  As textile designers we also love a print!  It is with absolute pleasure that I am introducing the work of local artist Maxwell Dorsey.  I met Maxwell some 30 years ago - and am pleased that over the period our paths have continued to collide - his studio is in Bickerton Road where he works with his partner and collaborator Yvonne Chambers.   He recently has produced some ranges of work which fit very nicely alongside our spring collection.  His drawings of wild flowers displayed in humble jars and glasses are refreshingly simple.  The quality of line together with the clean, muted colours evoke a the cheerful optimism of spring!

 I can't think of a nicer gift this season!

These limited edition giclee* prints are presented in oak coloured wooden frames and are sold individually for £48.

Maxwell has also produced a range of lino cut prints based on British Wildlife.  "Wild about Britain" is a strong theme of the moment at map gift shop with images of hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and hares adorning everything from slippers to espresso cups and saucers.

These limited edition prints are  available individually framed for £48.

*  for those (like me) who hadn't heard the word giclee here's the wikipedia definition - 

The word giclée was appropriated by Jack Duganne, a printmaker working at Nash Editions. He wanted a name for the new type of prints they were producing on the IRIS printer, a large-format, high-resolution industrial prepress proofing inkjet printer they had adapted for fine-art printing. He was specifically looking for a word that would not have the negative connotations of "inkjet" or "computer generated". It is based on the French word gicleur, which means "nozzle" (the verb form gicler means "to squirt, spurt, or spray"). One unintended consequence of Duganne's choice of name was its problematic use in the French language since it is also modern French slang for male ejaculation.

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