Saturday, 31 October 2015

Up in Lights - illuminated ideas for great gifts!

We love these lights - inspired by our own map gift shop signage, we sourced these stylish Carnival Lights, finished in rust or industrial steel - these really do make a stunning statement in any room!

All the Letters and Symbols are now available online here. We are quoting a 14 day delivery - so please contact us via our contact page or tel 020 7687 4005 if the lights are required more quickly & we can give you updated information. The lights require a mains transformer at £5 which can power up to 5 linkable letters - we strongly recommend mains usage. Batteries are a good option for a party or wedding where mains outlets may not be practical, but remember to use good quality batteries. 

New in is this brilliant lightbox which has a real cinema/movie feel to it and allows you to light up your own phrase or message. 
This could even be your opportunity to have your name in lights!

Included is a pack of 69 letters, numbers and symbols (yes Twitter and Instagram fans, there is a hashtag) - with another 6 blank tiles for you to make your own if you're feeling creative.
The Lightbox is also available with multi-coloured letters.

'Up in Lights' - Buy 2 initials plus Ampersand for £29.85 (excluding batteries) normally priced at £35.85 (these lights are not featured on website, please get in touch through our contact page here to place your order or check availability on 020 7687 4005.

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