Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Five shows to see this week

I know I keep banging on about it, but we really ARE a talented bunch here at Map Gift Shop!  We are enormously proud to announce that 3 of our team have made it into the Top Five Shows to see this week,  a guide to the London shows you need to see right now!  Sophie's production company Tit4Twat are in their final week of  Losers (Rosemary Branch Theatre) 

The only show to provide the audience the simple power to vote with electonic power sets.....The idea is that the so-called Losers (Arthur, Rachel, Sophie and Tommy) are four wannabe TV stars but wait..... TV doesn’t actually want them. In fact, they’ve been rejected by Brat Camp, Bake Off and even 24 Hours In A&E. So instead of trying to make themselves fit the existing shows, they’ve made a show to fit them & the audience provide the drama by voting for the contestants after each round.  Totally brilliant and engaging theatre!

Losers runs at the Rosemary Branch Theatre from 2 – 14 August 2016 you can book tickets here.

And if that's not enough excitement, both Nadia and Declan are acting in Screens playing Brother and Sister Al and Ayse at Theate503 Battersea.

Emine is more interested in a dead cat than her kids...Al is lost in Grindr, discovering that having a love life is incompatible with his incessant need to mollycoddle his ungrateful, acid-tongued sister Ayşe – a fierce and intelligent young woman, who is drowning in the mire of social media. 

Screens focuses on a Turkish-Cypriot family, it is a witty yet dramatic play using the lesser-discussed conflict in Cyprus as a backdrop to tackle the stigma-infused topics of homophobia, discrimination, violence and loss of self amongst refugees from various partitioned communities: Jewish, Palestinian, Indian, Pakistani, Catholic, Protestant, Sunnis, Shia.  Set against a hyper-modern online framework based on fleeting moments of connection, the play captures the zeitgeist of split personality, the forced weight of tangential interactions and the consequential fluidity of identity – online, for real, and most importantly those that are defined by inheritance.
Read more from Declan Perring who plays Al here book online here

Playwright Stephen Laughton, whose show RUN enjoyed an acclaimed season at The Vaults earlier this year, returns with a new play. This time his gaze falls on the new generation of immigrants, the conflict in Cyprus and short-lived moments of connection in the modern world.  You can buy tickets here.

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