Monday, 14 November 2016

Christmas Decorations 2016 - Lookbook 1

We have enjoyed a reputation over the years as one of the best retailers of Christmas Decorations.  We have gone the extra mile this Season to present the very best collection yet of Baubles and Decorations from around the world.  We have six amazing collections, here are the first three.

Mind the Gap - London Decorations
Kaleidescope - A colour & culture clash
Contemporary Vintage - A refreshing contemporary twist to a Vintage Christmas

Mind the Gap - Our ever popular collection of London Decorations is growing!  New this year we added the iconic London Underground Rondel,

Kaleidoscopethe second of our collections for Christmas 2016.  We love this clash of colour and culture - channelling India, Morocco and of course Mexico. 

Contemporary VintageSounds like a contradiction in terms right?  But when you see our theme working together in our feature shop window, we think you'll see what we mean.  
The Vintage Collection of Decorations, Lanterns and products is a stunning range for all vintage and curios enthusiasts.

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