Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Buyer's Pick - Ian Morris

Renowned locally for his cheeky wit and most excellent advice when it comes to buying are Ian's chosen 4 products, guaranteed to raise a smile and entertain this Christmas.

Transform your empties into lamps with this rechargeable light. Shaped like a cork with a super bright LED that recharges via USB.  You can make interesting lights with vintage drinks bottles or create a cosy, improvised Christmas table feature. 

Ian doesn't need a  drinking buddy, even one who looks great in a pair of chaps! But you can hang a hunky cowboy on the side of your glass to mark your drink and avoid mix ups at your Christmas Party or hen parties, girls’ nights, picnics in fact anytime the drinks are flowing.

I really love this brand new candle range from voluspa. The candles are beautifully crafted and fragranced. but what makes them really special to me is the packaging.  It's a really clever ceramic jar with a hinged lid.  It's printed with such a beautiful image too which reminds me of some of the early work I did in Printed Textiles.  Any discerning candle lover would be delighted, I'm sure to receive this gift.

Finally Mr Morris is Gadget man himself and can spot a good gadget when he sees one!  These VR Glasses have been a best seller this season - Simply insert your smartphone into the secure visor, then let the glasses transform your movies and photos into a boldly impressive, fully immersive 3D environment. The Virtual Reality Glasses are compatible with most types of smartphone, and work by downloading the Discovery VR app and inserting your phone into the glasses. With impressive 360 degree image panning, this is a unique virtual reality experience like no other, right in your own home. A great gift for anyone who loves gadgets and discovering new experiences, this in an innovative product to astound the senses and provide a mind blowing glimpse of the future, right here and now in the present.

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