Sunday, 4 March 2018

March Product Launch - Frida & Fruits of Nature

We have a brand new toiletries range.  'The Fruits of Nature' is made by Fikkerts, who have been capturing the fragrance of an English Country Garden for over one hundred years.  In 2008 Richard & Julia Fikkert become the fourth generation of the family to fly the flag for Fikkerts.

Our Frida Kahlo collection is growing too.....we are ready for Fridamania to hit London.

The V & A's May Exhibition 'Making herself up', celebrating Frida Kahlo, one of the most innovative and influential painters of the 20th century will no doubt focus the spotlight even more intensely on this style icon.  She had an eclectic taste and love for colour and design - something we think is reflected in our buying ethos.

1.  Lavendar Bath Essence £16.95  2.  Rose Bath Essence £16.95  3.  Bluebell Bath Essence £16.95  4.  Bluebell Hand Cream £11.95  5.  Frida 'Thorns' Coaster £3.50  6.  'Peacock' Glasses Case £12.50  7.  Frida 'Bonito' Mug £12.50  8.  Rose Hand Cream  £11.95  9.  Frida Lapel Pin £4.00 10.  Skull Lapel Pin £4.00  11.  Flowers Lapel Pin £4.00  12.  Bonito Lapel Pin £4.00 13.  Frida A5 Journal £10.50  14.  Foot Cream £7.95  15.  Muscle Rub £8.95

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