Thursday, 10 October 2013

Halloween - Love it or Hate it?

Trick or Treating: Kids really love Halloween - and they love being able to dress up like little monsters, it's also a really fun opportunity for enthusiastic mums and dads to throw a themed party with some great spooky treats, but for everyone else - I guess it's a bit of a non event right?  I recall those pre-children days that by the 3rd sound of the doorbell ringing, I was totally over greeting the "little monsters", and enduring at best their disappointed faces at no treats in store or at worst their menacing shouts of "we'll take cash instead" so my solution was to turn all the lights out and pretend I too was out reveling! But now I'm out there ringing doorbells with the cute "little monsters" (or more likely skulking out of sight!) and I am prepared with bucket loads of cheap chocolate, light up lollies and plastic rats as rewards for their dress up efforts! 

Pumpkins: Perhaps I have made a bit of a rod for my own back as last years efforts were rather successful (I'm sure you'll agree???) Will yours be better?  Perhaps we should have a competition!  Just a tip for all those not in the know - there are rules now - no pumpkin should mean don't ring here......if I had known that then - I would have put a note up saying "can you see a pumpkin here? no? then don't ring bell!"

Pumpkins 2012

Pumpkins 2013 - What do you think?

At map gift shop this year it's our chance also to be a little self indulgent by celebrating the Day of the Dead with some fantastic new products - I love the art of Dia de los Meurtos so when one of our suppliers introduced a new range we were straight on it!  We are obviously not alone in this as the "Day of the Dead" Embroidered Cushion particularly is proving surprisingly popular!

Skull Cushion £27.50

Sequin and Lace Cat Mask £15.50
Add a little glamour - sequin bat mask - £3.95

Cute Little Pumpkin £3.95

Set of 5 Masks £8.95

Having a Party: These masks are great fun soft and easy to wear and at £8.95 for 5 it's a good deal too!  These (easy to apply) glitter sparkly tattoos add glamour to any outfit - Get creative! Have fun!
Great Spooky Glitter Tattoos £3.50

And if all this spooky stuff is just too much for your little ones - and sometimes it is a little overwhelming cuddle up with "Casper the Cat"
Casper £14.95

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