Thursday, 18 September 2014

Featured Artist - Nina Dogmetchi

How excited were we this week to take delivery of our first order of a wonderful book and to hear the uplifting story from its' creator about how she is 'living her dream'?

Nina Dogmetchi has lived in Archway for most of her life - It was an absolute pleasure to have her work at map gift shop briefly back in 2000.   Since then her career has taken her on an exciting and colourful journey through textile designer in New York, Artist in Residence at Eton College to Graphic Designer at 2 major sportswear labels in Germany.

In 2013 Nina took the daring decision to quit her job at Adidas and set up her own company Imagination Illustrated.  In January this year Nina made a Kickstarter pledge to help fund a small run of "The Lazy Leopard" a book she had both written and illustrated.

"The Lazy Leopard is a story about the importance of dreams, change, and becoming your true self. The Lazy Leopard loves to live his life through his dreams... he sleeps for so long that his beautiful colorful spots drift up and turn to distant stars.

Often in life it can be hard to join our dreams with reality, we can find ourselves lost, realising we are not the colourful leopard we once were... In the story the Lazy Leopard finally makes the effort to change and with the help of his friends he is painted with new spots and ready to live his dreams out for real."

In March 2014 the project was fully funded and Nina's dream became reality with the first limited edition run of The Lazy Leopard in hardcover!  This modern day fable is beautifully illustrated in Nina's distinctive style.  Her prints, cards and other illustrations are for sale on her own online shop, read more about her inspiring story and see more of her work here! Her notebooks and hardcover copies of  "The Lazy Leopard" are on sale instore and online at map gift shop here.  

Click on the photo to watch Nina's charming little movie
Nina is currently working on her next book  'The Bird who Swallowed the Moon' - we can't wait!

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