Tuesday, 2 December 2014

map gift shop goes crackers!

One of my favourite new ranges this season is this range of Crackers by Retro Toy Company - Ridley's with bold graphics and great packaging!  This fun product makes a great gift or fun packed table decoration for your big day.  But what's inside I hear you shout?  None of the usual toot that is for sure! 

Magic Party Crackers - Get ready to be thrilled and amazed.  This set of six crackers contains one of the following mind-blowing tricks - the magic cup, cut the rope, 3 balls return, magic cards, exploding dice trick, wonderful dice trick.

Balloon Modelling Crackers - With a little twist here, and a little squeak there, have hours of endless fun with these Ridley's balloon modelling party crackers. Complete with hand pump, this kit contains 36 modelling balloons, six crackers and eye stickers to bring your creations to life.

Animal Safari Theatre - Each cracker contains a hat, snap, motto and animal to take on an adventure! Make your own animal puppets with a set of Safari Theatre Crackers. The 6 puppets each have their own character profile & exciting tale and are ready to be taken on an adventure! Let them explore the theatre and use the beautiful African sunset backdrop to set the scene.

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