Friday, 11 March 2016

The Secret Artist NW5 strikes again!

The Secret Artist strikes again!  We are thrilled to have been painted by NW5's mysterious Secret Artist.

"It is like an artistic version of the classic children’s street game, Knock Down Ginger – a painter quietly stands outside a building, creates a piece and then silently sneaks up the front steps and pushes it through the door.".......I really love this analogy from Dan Carrier's article in the Camden review  

Known only as Secret Artist NW5, she began secretly painting listed buildings on her ipad, initially as a hobby - but her reputation grew and with it a business has flourished.  The Secret Artist has produced a range of cards and mugs which sell through her website & The Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town.  She also accepts commissions via her website, the result of her clandestine creativity is then dropped off at Two Doors Down in Kentish Town for her clients to collect -  A little like a spy's dead drop with the bonus that the client gets a free coffee!

She mainly paints buildings and shops in Kentish Town but occasionally she ventures from her patch and has painted a few of our N19 neighbours too!

The enigmatic artist works anonymously because "I want the focus to be on the subjects of my work, not myself. These buildings have been here for many years and will remain long after I'm gone."

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