Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Waxing Lyrical

Kids driving you to the point of hysteria?  Dreaming of exotic holidays? Or just need to take the edge off your stressful day without the guilt of the unit count?
Not just a gift for someone these prices (£10.50) you too can treat yourself to some me time......unwind by lighting up one of our scented candles. 

Ian's favourite is the juicy & vibrant Mango Mandarin - of course! While Nadia prefers the sophistication of the Parisian Cafe society!
Enza dreams of a colourful and exotic holiday in Zanzibar to compliment her new wardrobe -(pop by and see her amazing hand-made African Print dresses)  While her gorgeous son Dario picked out Wild Lime and Rose Tea - good choice captain!

For Kathryn a chance to unwind with the best selling Black Pomegranate??? although for those who know her well - let's face it she's much more likely to choose Prosecco - cheers!

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