Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Birthday Flowers by Azendi

Birthday Flowers by Azendi are beautifully crafted flower pendants with extraordinary detailing.  They are made from Sterling Silver with Gold Vermeil. Did you know that each month of the year has a Flower that symbolises the Month of your birth.  The Romans started this tradition by using flowers as decorations and gifts to celebrate a person’s birth. We have been inspired by this tradition to present this range of beautiful jewellery, crafted from Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. The necklaces make the perfect gift and keepsake to cherish for all special birthdays or indeed a birth.
1,Snowdrop for January 2. Primrose for February. 3. March is Daffodil 4. April is Daisy 5. Lily of the Valley for May 6. June is Rose 7. Water Lily for July 8. Poppy for August  9. September is Michaelmas Daisy 10. Marigold for October 11 Chrysanthemum for November and 12. December's flower is Narcissus 

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