Saturday, 8 October 2016

Time Out Love London Awards - we have been nominated AGAIN!

"Last year’s Love London Awards saw 16,000 nominations and 75,000 votes cast for 5,000 venues across the city. That, as Led Zeppelin once said, is a whole lotta love."

We are thrilled to have been nominated again!  Regulars to this blog (who have been paying attention) will know that we won this prestigious award 2 years running.  We'd love to make it 3 in a row! We're in great company!  We're up against 2 friends Deli Junction and Harriet Wilde.

There is still confusion surrounding the name or our area.  We are big fans of Archway, both it's name and nature, and we vehemently resist the temptation (mainly led by local Estate Agents) to rebrand our beloved Archway with a name change.  In fact, we think areas such as Highgate and Highbury should consider renaming themselves - Upper and Lower Archway........But in terms of postcodes Archway doesn't exist.  We are Upper Holloway as designated by the Post Office 100 years ago, and the Time Out Love London Award has taken these postcode areas rather than the name of our town centre!  Surely it can only be due to this confusion that there weren't enough venues nominated in the pubs & bars category for Time Out to open it up to the vote?  I think St john's Tavern & Charlotte Despard (both previous winners) can rightfully feel a little miffed again.

Rant over........It’s time for you to champion your favourite bits of Upper Holloway that everyone else who lives here knows as Archway. The polls are open! So click here to have a look at who has been nominated in Upper Holloway & get voting!

Voting is open until October 31 - you can vote in as many categories as you like, but remember that you can only vote for ONE venue per category,  Once you’re done, remember to jump on social media with the #LoveLondonAwards hashtag.

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