Saturday, 27 January 2018

January Product Launch - Sort yourself out!

January is a time for sorting stuff out right?  We've been sourcing new products that  will undoubtedly help focus priorities. Here's a quick round up of early product launches. 

The perfect city rucksack?...look no further, we have found it! Lightweight, protective and protected, comfortable, stylish and available in 6 cool colours - a way to carry your stuff simply.  Introducing the Bantry C Bag by Roka London.

Do you have loads of great photos just waiting to be framed up and enjoyed?  One of my January resolutions is to get proactive and enjoy our fab family photos!  We have 2 new ranges of frames 'Prism' and 'Edge' which are stylish, well priced and great quality.  Great wedding gifts's time to get your family framed!

We couldn't resist the 'Skyline Multi Hook' use as a coat hanger or enjoy the simple skyline statement.

1.  Bantry Bag C in Mustard £58.95
2.  Bantry Bag C in Hot Pink £58.95
3.  Bantry Bag C in Graphite £58.95
4.  Prism 10 x 8 Photo Frame £26.95
5.  Prism 4 x4 Photo Frame £10.95
6.  Edge Multi Frame in Natural Wood £53.95
7.  Bantry Bag C in Black £58.95
8.  Skyline Wall Multi Hook £26.50

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