Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to Nature ! an anti-dote to electronic devices that will get the kids all a flutter this spring!

My Living World is an award-winning range that explores the amazing world of living creatures. These kits are not only stimulating and great fun for kids but also help develop an understanding of the natural world and consideration for the environment. We love this new range which is is ideal for kids big and small, fascinated by nature.

Go on a safari in your back garden and discover the amazing bugs that lurk in the undergrowth. All kids love bugs, and Bug Safari provides them with easy to use, professional quality equipment to enable them to catch, study and identify common mini-beasts from your own garden, parks or in the countryside.

Butterfly World is a hands-on nature study kit that contains all the equipment required to observe and study the fascinating life cycle of butterflies. From a tiny bead of an egg that hatches into a leaf munching caterpillar, to the flying work of natural art that is the adult butterfly. It should be noted that Caterpillars are not included in the kit. Instructions are given on how to find them in the wild; alternatively order caterpillars from our recommended UK supplier ( www.gribblybugs.co.uk ) there is a discount voucher in each kit.

Discover the fascinating life of ants in an ideal environment.  Watch the ants build tunnels, keep their home tidy and feed each other.  Study chemo-communication and ant Morse code.... or hatch living creatures from the age of the dinosaurs and see how your Triops double in size each day. Triops hatch in 24 hours, can grow up to 4cm long and have an incredible life cycle. 

There are indeed worms at the bottom of the garden and now you can look inside their fascinating world with this fun and informative kit.  Watch your worms mix up the different coloured layers in their chamber and feed them leaves.  This product provides a great opportunity for children to learn more about worms’ importance in our ecosystem too!

Click the pic to Watch Television wildlife presenter Nick Baker making his own Worm World!

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